Machine vision

We have experience in designing and installing 2D and 3D vision systems for multiple purposes:

  • Assembly verification
  • Checking aesthetic characteristics
  • Dimensional checks
  • Component Recognition
  • Artificial intelligence-based systems

We are a partner system integrator of COGNEX, a world leader in vision systems.

Testing systems

Our experience as a manufacturer of electronic systems led us to the development of a multifunctional testing platform (EGICON ATS PLATFORM).
This platform can run:

  • Electrical tests
  • Functional tests
  • Optical tests
  • Automatic device programming
  • Configurable Test Reports

Robot vision

We have developed solutions that combine the flexibility of anthropomorphic robots with computer vision.

Collaborative and mobile robotics

We complete the offer of our inspection and testing systems with the possibility of integrating collaborative robots and mobile robots (Smart Factory).