EGICON works from design to production. We work in co-design with the integration of our skills with the skills of our customer.

Competence, innovation and reliability.


EGICON can collaborate to the definition of the system not only for the electronic device but also for sensors, actuators and wiring. The definition of the final use of the  electronic device, is an activity that leads EGICON and customer to optimization of the product.

EGICON designs and produces:

•  Electronic control Unit

• Remote monitoring System

• Data Logger

• Sensors and Sensor Interfaces

• Traditional HMI or full TFT

EGICON has experience in SAFETY SYSTEMS and in general in “MISSION CRITICAL” functions.


EGICON is able to develop the hardware of the required device using the most advanced modeling, simulation, design and routing program.

The development is always aimed at the industrialization of the device, through design  and process FMEA, Risk Analysis, DFT (Design For Testability) and DFM (Design For Manufacturing).


EGICON has firmware developers with high experience.

We develop both the low level code (BSP) and the application firmware.

Our engineers have wide experience in the use of Model Design tools.


We follow  the customer up to the complete product validation.

We define with customer detailed validation plans , we have systems for functional test, electrical and environmental certifications (vibrating surface, thermal cells) and we collaborate with a network of laboratories for EMC test.


EGICON software developers work with different OSs.

When required, we can develop the software interfaces on board or on PC.


We design the mechanical support for the electronic system.

EGICON has a mechanical CAD that is used for design the mechanical of our electronic systems (Embedded Area) or, when requested, for the installation of our inspection and testing systems (Automated Testing Solutions Area).


EGICON production has the most advanced technologies for the production of electronic devices.

The production line is fully automated, from the warehouse to the final test.

The production system is managed by the “VALOR” software that allows to ensure the full traceability of the single produced board.